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Jerry N9AVY

No doubt about it 73 was by far the best around.  Wayne wasn't afraid to tackle controversial issues at the time and that is why he enjoyed a huge readership.  Many hams are independent types and like a bit of controversy. Reading QST is sometimes as exciting as a bowl of gruel.
I recall an article which Wayne published on the "blue boxes" which allowed college students to make free landline calls by taking advantage of Ma Bells own system. It was illegal (theft of service) at the time and Ma Bell eventually found better technology and rendered "blue boxes" useless. Wayne article sure stirred the pot.
There were also many easy construction projects like over several months a series ran on converting CB radios over to 10m ... still have a couple laying around here ... another project I built was a simple phone patch which proved very useful when those annoying phone calls from telemarketers came in ,  I'd have a busy phone/cw band
running  and would switch it to the phone lines... they'd hang up and go away. Heh-heh.

I'd suggest going to read back issues of 73 magazine and see what ham radio was like back in the hey day when CBers were entering this hobby at the rate of 7000 per month. https://archive.org/details/73-magazine
Jerry N9AVY

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Wayne Green and 73 were by far the best on the market.  Wayne was fun to read, honest and truly was a major thorn in the ARRL while being a life member and a one time elected officer.  All of the issues are available to read online for free here https://archive.org/details/73-magazine

I still subscribe to CQ but as I am visually impaired I only get the digital edition it is hard to read the paper version for me.  It gets released on the 1st of the month and they send an email that it is available on the Zinio app right away.  I have heard several complaints about the paper version arriving up to 7-8 weeks later though. 
73 de Chris NO7E

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