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Bill Garwood

Thanks Steve for the link.

Here's part of where the confusion comes from, the 40 meter contest is a 6 hour sprint but it allows for 6 hours of continuous operation before and after 0000 UTC as part of the 6 hour block.  Of course it is a "one day" event and not a three day event but it uses a similar scorer.

Enuf said...I hope everyone has fun in the contest.

73 and Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK FM16 in NC
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Bill -

Now that you mention it, I do remember that issue. And I do agree that the wording isn't clear, but that's the way the official scorer works.

Unfortunately the web site has not been updated to reflect the correct interpretation, which was documented on the contest reflector


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There was some confusion by myself and others on this list last year about the scoring and operating hours in this contest.  Some of us made QSOs that did not count in the scoring.   It might be beneficial ahead of the contest to clarify how this works. 

For example, if you start at 0000 UTC on Saturday November 11, (which is Friday night local time here on the east coast) then your 6 hour block for calendar day November 11 is from the 0000 to 0559.  If you start back up Saturday evening around sunset local time, it is at 2200 UTC still on November 11, any contacts made before 2359 UTC will not count in the scoring as you have already completed your 6 hour block for the calendar day of November 11 UTC.  Any other QSOs are entered as a check log.  Same goes for November 12/ 13.  The problem with that is there are some DX and multipliers around local sunset that will likely get missed.  You could always start each day at 1800 and but that would miss any potential QSOs around sunset on Friday night.

The problem is the rules state: "Operate 6 hours each UTC night, starting at the time of your choosing on each night."  

I think night time here on the east coast would begin at sunset and not 0000 UTC.  What is a UTC night?

Maybe the rules should state operate up to 6 consecutive hours in each of the three calendar days.

Can someone please verify and clarify.

I hope I'm not being a pain but I'm not the only one who was confused by this last year.


Bill Garwood N4GBK in NC

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Mark your calendars.  The 2017 Triple Play Low Band Sprint is coming November 11 0000 UTC to November 13 2359 UTC.  This contest is on 40m, 80m, and 160m only and has a very unusual format.  The contest runs for 3 consecutive days and you can select your 6 hour operating slot each day.  You don’t have to use the same time slot each day.  Makes a great accommodation for propagation variation, work schedules, other commitments that limit when you can get on air! Your final score is the sum of your operations in each of the 6 hour time blocks. You can play one day, two days, or all three!
Details of the contest can be found HERE.  Results of last year’s contest can be found HERE.
Rick Butz
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