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Picked up a copy of CW every once in a while over the years, but it wasn't the same as it used to be.  Construction articles were few and far between and editorial content was boring.
Now  73 was a great magazine and outshined both CQ and QST. HR was also a bit boring - no pictures, but some good articles.
Met Wayne Green, W2NSD/1, on a couple occasions ... once at  Dayton and another time at local hamfest.  Great guy !  He was far ahead of his time in ham radio  and computing; also, a bit whacky at times, but I think that was a sign of genius. He was also a thorn in the side of ARRL, yet he was a member of ARRL all those years. If he could see what's going on with ARRL today, he'd probably have to print his editorials on flame-proof paper ! The beginning of the end was Wayne's divorce where his Ex  got a lot his assets including Byte magazine and one might say she really took a Byte out of Wayne !
CQ during the past year has been in trouble financially with very late or missed issues.  Think it started with December 2016 issue as many local DXers were complaining on about magazines not arriving for weeks, if at all. Sorry to see a once good publication fall upon hard times.  But such is ham radio these days as more and more content is available online.
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I miss 73 magazine. Wayne’s editorials were always entertaining – and often wacky!

Good construction articles too.

I subscribed to the digital edition of CQ several year ago, but found myself not reading it. I much prefer a paper copy to digital print; might have to subscribe again.


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Thought CQ went the way of 73 magazine....

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PODXS Group,

There is a very interesting article in the September issue of CQ that deals with the problem of one station not seeing the other.
It is : Is HF Propagation Reciprocal? by Thomas Hood NW7US. It explains why the RF doesn't always go both ways on the same path.

I guess what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander when dealing with HF.

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I see him but he can't see me
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Not seen here but CQn

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Anyone needs South Dakota AE0WM is on 20 meters
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