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Randy True

Good luck,

I've been waiting 2 1/2 months for my subscription to start.

Randy W4RTT

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I miss 73 magazine. Wayne’s editorials were always entertaining – and often wacky!

Good construction articles too.

I subscribed to the digital edition of CQ several year ago, but found myself not reading it. I much prefer a paper copy to digital print; might have to subscribe again.


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Thought CQ went the way of 73 magazine....

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PODXS Group,

There is a very interesting article in the September issue of CQ that deals with the problem of one station not seeing the other.
It is : Is HF Propagation Reciprocal? by Thomas Hood NW7US. It explains why the RF doesn't always go both ways on the same path.

I guess what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander when dealing with HF.

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I see him but he can't see me
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Not seen here but CQn

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Anyone needs South Dakota AE0WM is on 20 meters
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