Re: 30M

Jerry N9AVY

Brian was strong in IL as well.  Worked WV3S  and thought I just saw NO7E calling CQ but no response.
Jerry  N9AVY

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W4RTTand N9AVY both strong in PA
         de N2MLP Brian
       Monroe County PA
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I am seeing W4RTTand N9AVY but not solid enough for a QSO here in Vegas.  I saw you both talking to WV3S is what I was able to decode.
73 de Chris NO7E
PODXS 070 #2551
On 11/3/17 10:46 AM, Steve P oldjavadrinker@... [070] wrote:
I got Randy but haven’t seen anyone else. He is real strong up here in Ontario.  I’ll stay on a bit longer listening.
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On Nov 3, 2017, at 13:19, 'Steve Case' artcase@... [070] <070@...> wrote:
I'm trying 10.138 + 1500
from PNW

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Subject: [070] 30M
I'm going to sit on 30M for a while and call if anyone want to give it a try.
10.400 + 1500
Randy W4RTT

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