Re: encroachment

F.R. Ashley

If you deliberately "park" next to it and send CQ, you are doing it intentionally  it's DQRM no matter how you spin it.   Otherwise there is no point to park beside him if you're not trying to run him off.   I agree that FT8 down around 070 is a bit low and is in the PSK operating area, but for now at least, there are hundreds if not thousands of FT8 stations on 20m and other bands and II think eventually they will move UP, and pretty much make JT65 and JT9 a thing of the past, like PSK31 did to RTTY.  But lets not stoop to DQRM'ing other hams.  Just keep operating as usual, but if the frequency is clear, and the band is crowded, there will be encroachment.   Anytime I am in a forum of digital interest, I will remind others of the PSK area and to avoid it with FT8. 

Nice callsign Mike, hi

73 Buddy WB4M


On 11/1/2017 8:49 AM, mwbesemer@... [070] wrote:
I've been making sure that I use ALL of our subband and not just parking right around 1000 Hz.  If I see an FT8 signal, I'll park next to it and sent my CQ.  I'm NOT intentionally interfering with the FT8 signal, but I'm close enough to remind him I'm there.


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