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Jerry N9AVY

Also depends on whether or not station at other end understands "QRL"   ... to my way of thinking it would be shorter to "QRL" than to ask "is frequency busy"  thus perhaps a shorter interruption of ongoing QSO.

"Also remember that just because you can hear or see a signal on your waterfall does not mean that the interfering station can hear or see you. "   
 Maybe yes and maybe no... if he's working a weak signal you might very well be interfering.  Rather than cause interference , it's simpler to move frequency. Best to err on side of caution.


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QRL means "is this frequency busy?". 

While it is quite appropriate for phone where the band width takes up about 2.8 KHz, it is not so useful for digital modes such as PSK31 where the bandwidth is only 31 Hz and multiple QSOs can be present in the same waterfall at the same base frequency.

Also remember that just because you can hear or see a signal on your waterfall does not mean that the "interfering" station can hear or see you. 

Ray N9RWC 

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One way to avoid that happening is to put out a  "QRL ? QRL ? "   call or simple inquiring if frequency is in use .  QRL  means same thing in a Q Signal form.  There was a day all ham were familiar with the Q code.
Rarely hear "QRL" or anything like it.  Operators just jump on a frequency and start calling ... LIDs.
Jerry  n9avy

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CQ Field Day... CQ Field Day...

Actually, I've been guilty lately of CQing on top of someone, but it was not intentional.  The bands have been so goofy and the QSB so long and deep I've totally missed ongoing QSOs, even after watching for a minute or more. 

Last night, I was seeing strong signals CQing but could not get any answers.  I was operating Recliner-Remote from my living room so I couldn't hear the signals, but it made me wonder if the aurora was back last night.


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Another thing that p--se me off, is the guy that will! jump the frequency I have been using. Ten seconds after I end a qso.


Randy W4RTT

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