November 365 – Finish Line in Sight!

Rick - N7WE

Happy Halloween!  Tonight at 0000 UTC (8PM EDT, 5PM PDT) November begins.  This month 3 more members will have the 365 Finish Line in sight.  The week of Thanksgiving will be a big week for these three!

First up will be both K7PAX – Paula – of Port Angeles WA and N9VEL – Keith - of Temple GA.  Paula only needs 1 day and Keith needs 7 days.  But both have a Magic Day of November 19. 

Paula has already completed Leap Day and 24/7, so completing her 365 will automatically qualify her for the Clock and Calendar Endorsement as well.  Keith has completed Leap Day, but will still need 24/7 for his Clock and Calendar.

Then comes K9DWR – David – of Plainfield IL   He needs just 2 days in November.  His Magic Day will be November 25.  David has also completed Leap Day and 24/7 so completing his 365 will automatically qualify him for the Clock and Calendar Endorsement.

For these 3 it has been a long, long road.  If you see them calling, give them a reply and help them achieve this difficult, yet rewarding, endorsement.  

Happy Thanksgiving and Good Luck to each of you.  May Old Sol and the Propagation Genies be kind to you!


Rick Butz

N7WE - 070 #1602

PODXS 070 Public Relations Director

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