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Jerry N9AVY

Just like in the Old West... there's always a faster gun !  

Jerry n9avy

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A search turned up this information, I still hold the record for VQ9

Single Operator - High Power

High ALL VQ9GB 19861,387,008
High 10M VQ9FM (NH6IJ)1990185,472
High 15M WB6EWH/VQ9 1976117,855
High 20M WA6EGL/VQ9 1976371,280
High 40M no entry
High 80M no entry
High 160M no entry

On 10/27/2017 4:02 PM, Jim Innis jinnis@... [070] wrote:
Don't know if I still do, but for many, many years I held the CQWW record for Oceania, single op, 15 meters, using my old call WB6EWH/VQ9, Tom Dixon, (cannot remember his call), set the record for 20 meters at the same time.   Used to be able to find them online but cannot seem to locate it at this time. 

We had a heck of a setup there on Diego Garcia at the time (1976), two complete Collins S-Line stations, two beams (one was a log periodic 6-30mhz on a 90 foot free standing tower). If we needed boosters had Henry 2K and Henry 3K linears.  (It was actually the MARS station of which I was the Chief Operator, but when not on Mars skeds, a heck of a lot of DX was accomplished.  

Jim K5SP

On 10/27/2017 2:00 PM, 'Milton Garb' n6mg@... [070] wrote:
There’s a special way of emptying your “In-coming cards” that you have at the bureau.
Timing is everything, and this weekend is a perfectly timed way of emptying your incoming cards.
It’s the CQ World Wide Contest, SSB contest.
Although this is a club based on PSK 31, etc., it’s also about mutual aid.
And as an old contester dating back to the early 70’s, here’s what I can contribue to the effort;
The CQWW, SSB Contest, is the single most popular contest for HF that there is.
It starts at 0000 Z this evening.
Ur CQ Zone:
East Coast?...ur in cq zone 5
Middle of the US?...ur in cq zone 4
West Coast? Ur in cq zone 3
Alaska? Ur in cq zone 1
So my report to someone is 59 03. It’s that simple. If it’s a JA station, (V E R Y common from the left coast in every dx contest), my report to them is “go-que camo-she dozo”.
That’s “59 03 go ahead”
Work as many dx stations as you can hear! Believe me, you’ll hear DX that maybe you hadn’t heard before!
Since the advent of LotW, that’s how a lot of the guys will qsl to you.
But, I won the CQWW, 40m, Hi Power back in the late 70’s or early 80’s...I have to find the certificate...I received a shoe box full of cards over the next 90 days...
Work as many JA’s as possible! They love paper cards!...
Also, a tip: Sunday evening as we approach 0000Z, Monday...the end of the contest... It’s Monday morning in JA! All the contesters have gone to work. All except their Novice class operators! (Mostly kids) They have ssb privilages on some HF bands, with 25 watt max.
Thats how to clean out your cards at the bureau!
My experience is to send the bureau a few bucks. They prefer to choose the envelopes they use. A lot of dx stations have some crazy sized cards.
That’s it.
LONP #76
DXCC Honor Roll
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Got a nice stack of 32 QSLs from ARRL bureau this morning.  Went through and found 2 new band/countries for Challenge which puts me at 1414.  The usual bunch if DL/I/9A/G etc. but some needed answering... those who didn't check PSE or TNX   of gave no indication of a card wanted got nada ! (Hey, it's on my QRZ page !)
If you work DX on PSK or any other modes, you *need* to have envelopes on file with current name, call sign and address.  Last year I sent them a dozen envelopes with a "Forever" stamp on each envelope. Some bureaus will toss cards after a year and some will hang onto them.  After 16 years I retired from the ARRL Incoming Bureau... just old & tired .
Fun going through cards... one was funny and had a radio with "split" marked on both receivers and a " Mr. Potato Head"  figure in front of radio except it was a Banana   !    If you don't get puns, you probably won't get it .
Settling back for a weekend full of PSK31 QSOs ... I hope !
Jerry&n bsp;  N9AVY

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