Re: Who is Closing In on Work The World Endorsement?

Rick - N7WE

Yes Jim, it does seem like a struggle at times!  But you are closer than you think.  You have already logged 1921 of the total 2246 required to do the whole thing.  You only need 13 As, 13 Is, and 8 Ns to complete Asia.  That will only leave United States and Africa to complete.  And you have made a big dent in both those.  Only 121 left out of 411 for United States an 170 left out of 441 for Africa.  

I run HRD software.  One tip that someone, can't remember who, passed on to me was to use SuperSweeper and then search and pounce.  SuperSweeper will show up to 60 decodes simultaneous.  I'm sure other software has similar multi-decode capability.  That sure made it a lot easier to watch the calls for that needed letter and then jump on them!

Keep on keepin' on!  You are very close!

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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