QSLs from Bureau

Jerry N9AVY

Got a nice stack of 32 QSLs from ARRL bureau this morning.  Went through and found 2 new band/countries for Challenge which puts me at 1414.  The usual bunch if DL/I/9A/G etc. but some needed answering... those who didn't check PSE or TNX   of gave no indication of a card wanted got nada ! (Hey, it's on my QRZ page !)
If you work DX on PSK or any other modes, you *need* to have envelopes on file with current name, call sign and address.  Last year I sent them a dozen envelopes with a "Forever" stamp on each envelope. Some bureaus will toss cards after a year and some will hang onto them.  After 16 years I retired from the ARRL Incoming Bureau... just old & tired .
Fun going through cards... one was funny and had a radio with "split" marked on both receivers and a " Mr. Potato Head"  figure in front of radio except it was a Banana   !    If you don't get puns, you probably won't get it .
Settling back for a weekend full of PSK31 QSOs ... I hope !
Jerry   N9AVY

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