Who is Closing In on Work The World Endorsement?

Rick - N7WE

There are 9 sequential endorsements in WTW, requiring a total of 2246 QSOs!  Progress on this difficult endorsement series is tracked automatically when you upload your logs to the 070 Awards Progress Checker.  For details on WTW click Here.  To check your own progress, go to the Progress Checker (click HERE ), select your call sign from the list on the right and click on it to display your awards progress, then click on 070-WTW in the Progress Bar.


The displayed grid makes it easy to see where you are and the letters you still need.  Don’t let it overwhelm you.  Progress is cumulative and early on virtually every QSO counts!  It is doable and 31 members have completed all 9 levels. 


Here are the 6 members who are nearing completion of the last sequential endorsement (Africa) and completion of the entire series:


F1IWH – Dan – who needs 8 more Ns.

W9SMR – Stan – who needs 6-Is, and 8-Ns.

OM7OM – Milan - who needs 17-Ns.

AK4MK - Matt - who needs 5-Is, 9-Ns, and 4-Os.

W7PAQ – Frank – who needs 13-As, 20-Is, 29-Ns, and 2-Os.

KT4NM – John – who needs 6-As, 21-Es, 26-Is, 12-Ns, 30-Os, and 7-Rs.


This will be a monumental personal accomplishment for them – in every case representing several years of work.  Cheer them on to the finish while you work on your own progress.  Good luck to you all!


Rick Butz

N7WE - 070 #1602

PODXS 070 Public Relations Director

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