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W6AM, Don Wallace, (sk), bought an old USN communications site out here on the Palos Verdes peninsula back in the 1930’s or so.

100 + acres on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. He had a Rhombic out of telephone poles, switchable every 10 degree’s!!

And!!!...i think he had similar antenna’s on all the HF bands.

Once a year he had an open house and opened the gate to his friends.

I was honored to have been invited 2X.

When he died, his family sold the property for a few brazillion dollars...

How many 0’s are there in a brazillion dollars? I dunno...but the land is now built up with $5,000,000 homes...

Don was a good guy.




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Here are a couple pics of K9DX's former remote site:



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Guys in Utah  sound like Rhombics.   4 telephones poles a wave length (or 1/2 wave) with a bunch of wire wound around them.  Probably needs more real estate.


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