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Barry of my other hobbies is N scale model railroading ..... I have tried 160m scaled down to N scale and it didn't load up ....
Jerry .... I never tried 160m in HO scale so I am unable to answer that one

but on the serious side I am lucky and live on 10 acres with no restrictions of any kind ...... I have full length 1/2 wave home brew wire dipoles running all over the place for 10m thru 160m ..... I run the antenna's thru a MFJ 993B auto tuner ...... and it has been my experience that loading 160m thru my 80m dipole gets me about the same results as I switch back and forth between the 2 antennas in real time  ....... 
I figure that the lack of difference now is because of the poor band conditions .... one day I will raise the 160m dipole higher as I threw it up in a hurry to participate in a PODXS contest one afternoon years ago .....seems like I am only on 160m now for PODXS contests .......raising it is not high on my to do list .... hi hi

I also have a Mosley TA33 at 40 feet ....... Zero Five vertical {10m thru 40m} and I can confirm that a vertical is noisier

I use to live in a deed restricted subdivision in FL with ZERO tolerance for ANY type of antenna so I know firsthand what many of you are going thru and sometimes we have our hands tied as far as antennas go .... so we have to make the best of a situation that unfortunately requires a compromise ....  

Jerry is right about the efficiency of a antenna in regards to trying to make up the length electrically ....

My father was a Ham for 70 years and I will always remember him telling me what good is top of the line radio with a bottom of the line antenna setup .....  He told make sure you have money for the antenna setup also ...


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More like "N" and that would probably go great with my QRP setup.
QRP rig es QRP ant

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If ya build it in HO scale  (1:87 scale )

Jerry n9avy  

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Don't think I can cram that in my available 40' X 40' space.

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