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You’re aimed in the right direction with the beverage.

I had a beverage on 160m when I lived in So. 5-land...

817’ long, terminated in a ¼ watt, 50 ohm resistor about 5’ above ground...(whatever the top wire of a barbed wire fence is, agl)

Many a time in the middle of a contest I had to put my “Bayou Reeboks”, (rubber boots) on and fight the critters and bugs to change that resistor ‘cause I x-mitted A L O T of power through it! Live and learn.

One thing to look at is a 4-square, switchable x-mitting antenna. Doesn’t take acre’s of space and it works...

Any antenna you build for 80 and/or 160?...Pay attention to the losses! I’m a true believer that it’s so easy to lose a db and dang near impossible to gain a db with the low power of the digital modes.

I’ve discovered that if I only had privileges on the 160m band, there would a way to get something on the air...

Steve, W3HF can tell you how far some intelligent ingenuity and necessity can go when it comes to antenna’s...  




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As Jerry said… verticals ARE noisy. 


I noticed someone mentioned an Inverted L.  I love my Inverted L, but I’ll say that when I had my 160 meter loop, I would find myself transmitting on the Inverted L and receiving on the loop.  Neither antenna heard better than the other, but the loop was MUCH quieter.  Inverted L’s have a vertical component which contributes to the noise. 


If I could only have one antenna , I’d probably go with the loop.  It’d be a tough choice, but the sounds of silence are really nice when trying to pull out the weak ones.


I’d love to do a Beverage; might have to think about that!







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There are some laws of physics/antennas you just can't ignore.  An antenna  that is a 1/2 wave length or longer will be more efficient than anything shorter.  Sure you can use loading coil and such to make antenna appear electrically longer, but you still have an inefficient antenna... everything in electronics seems to be a trade off; you have to sacrifice one thing to get another.  Just like in engineering you can build something better, but it may not be as good as what you had in the first place, but I don't know much about thatld.  Did some tower work years ago and the crew tended to "over-engineer" things to err on safety side. 


Anyhow, years ago a friend and I loaded up a 300 ft. AM broadcast tower on 160 in winter for some contest. Results were awful ... lots of noise and not many signals. Verticals tend to be noisy. Guess that's why some DXers on 160  use beverage antennas for receiving. Used to have a serious  160m station a few miles away which had 9 phased 110 ft verticals with a little tuning shack in middle.  It belonged to K9DX and was operated remotely from his house 30 miles away;  had a couple tours and it was awesome.  All the hardware and antennas were expensive as well as the 80 acres of land it sat on. It gone now  (sigh).


That was the ultimate DXers station and far out of most hams budget.


On the "poor hams" budget,  some do quite well with limited antennas on 160m. Would suggest that you search for "160 meter antennas "  on the web  and find something that will work for you.  A word of caution, ignore some of the claims made as every QTH is somewhat different with soil characteristics (soil conductivity, etc.) , height above average  terrain, sources of interference, and so forth. Seems like some of the better 160m DXers live in areas where it's marshy near lakes, rivers  and oceans... guess you could always flood your yard ?


Good luck !



Jerry  n9avy




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I'll see if I can get a mark up of my plot from Google Maps or something, but let me see if I can explain it a little. 


I have lots of land around me. Though it isn't mine. I sit on about .65 acres of usable space. I have no major trees (anything taller than the gutter in the front yard). My antenna sits on the back corner of my house. It is a crank up tower about 40' (aluminum) with a K4KIO Hexbeam on it. Works really well...I think, this is my first setup. But, I can do a lot on 20 and 40 (even though it isn't necessarily intended for 40m). I have a tuner in my K3. 


Out back of my house there is a large tree. I could probably get something up in there and connected to the tower. When the tower is lowered it sits about 14' (not including the antenna). 


I have hesitated doing anything with this, because I do not want that in my line of sight out the back yard, at least not when it is going to be down and drooping.


I know to be efficient longer really is better. But, I just haven't found a great antenna that seems appealing and easy to put up without a lot of headache and trying to make things work when I have no idea what I'm doing with antennas. I'm a mechanical engineer with focus on medical devices, and antennas are still black magic to me!


What are your thoughts based on these comments?

Bryon, W7RIV


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