Rick - N7WE

Roger Bryon-

Sorry for telling you what you already knew!  Once set, the K3 setup just stays rock solid.  The only control I fool with is the power knob when going from QRP to about 35w.  I also have to play with the power when I go to the WSJT-X modes (don't need 35w!) but I don't have to fiddle with the sound card or computer settings.  

You probably read about my Rub Goldberg 160m antenna adventures in earlier posts just before the Great Pumpkin Sprint.  It is such an outstanding antenna (only slightly better than a plastic coat hanger stuffed in the back of the rig) I won't repeat it here.  But I will be most interested to see all the suggestions you get and to hear what you do.  Hope I can go to school on your approach!  73,

Rick - N7WE
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