Re: 80/160m Antenna


I'll see if I can get a mark up of my plot from Google Maps or something, but let me see if I can explain it a little. 

I have lots of land around me. Though it isn't mine. I sit on about .65 acres of usable space. I have no major trees (anything taller than the gutter in the front yard). My antenna sits on the back corner of my house. It is a crank up tower about 40' (aluminum) with a K4KIO Hexbeam on it. Works really well...I think, this is my first setup. But, I can do a lot on 20 and 40 (even though it isn't necessarily intended for 40m). I have a tuner in my K3. 

Out back of my house there is a large tree. I could probably get something up in there and connected to the tower. When the tower is lowered it sits about 14' (not including the antenna). 

I have hesitated doing anything with this, because I do not want that in my line of sight out the back yard, at least not when it is going to be down and drooping.

I know to be efficient longer really is better. But, I just haven't found a great antenna that seems appealing and easy to put up without a lot of headache and trying to make things work when I have no idea what I'm doing with antennas. I'm a mechanical engineer with focus on medical devices, and antennas are still black magic to me!

What are your thoughts based on these comments?

Bryon, W7RIV

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