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If you can a inverted l is easy to put up as long as you have the room for the radials and a tree about 60 to 70 foot high

Keith n9vel

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Have an Alpha-Delta  DX-A  for 160/80/40  which is a dual sloper and mounted to a 40 ft tower.  You need a tower because the tower is part of the antenna.. the only way you could get around the tower is by using a 35-40 metal mast or using possible a down wire from a tree of same height.
Generally, on 160m the longer the better.  Short wires/verticals and generally poor performers.  Verticals are usually noisy on 160m and some use beverage antennas for receiver only, but they need a bit of space for 160.
There is lots of info on the net if you do a search.
Jerry  n9avy

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I'm looking for a simple, and reasonable antenna for 80/160m.

What are your thoughts? I know some of you have some pretty elaborate setups. I'm looking for something easy. 

Bryon, W7RIV

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