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Well Bryon, you are running a K3 and that is an entirely different bred of cat!  There are lots of instructions on the internet about using ALC to avoid wide signals, but when it comes to the Elecraft rigs, it is almost all WRONG.  That is because Elecraft products are essentially SDR rigs and use a different approach to power control and ALC.  The correct setting for the K3 and the K3s is "4 bars solid, 5th bar just flickering."

Don - W3FRP  (and a guru of most things Elecraft) has a very good explanation of how to set up the K3 for digital modes at It's printable too!

The K3 has a very clean RF output, and properly set up they can run a full 100w out with no splatter - Not that there would ever be any reason to!  But I have pushed it up to 70w out on 160m with my IMD at -29.  

I use a KK7UQ IMD Meter in the shack.  An IMD report from another station receiving you is worthless.  There are simply too many variables for it to have any utility.  The only useful measure of IMD is at your shack!

Rick - N7WE
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