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As long as you see no ALC action you should be okay.
What makes a PSK31 signal wide can be too much audio from sound card, having processor on, pr just plain old using too darn much power ...  no reason anyone using PSK31 should be using a Kw or even 500 watts !  PSK31  is a low power/weak signal mode. 
Although occasionally propagation will have a part  which is why I mentioned earlier about AGC and attenuation (learned that one from an OO in CA a few years back and it saved me from sending out lots of OO Notices).
I'm sure others in this group may shed more light on the subject.
Jerry n9avy

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I'm a little curious on what makes a PSK signal wide. Just too much power? Or are there other things? I cannot say that I've never offended...I've never had anyone tell me or message me anything of the sorts. But, I want to make sure I'm playing nice as well. I have a K3 and there is a lot of talk about watching the ALC meter. I've done some tests and no matter how much power I try, 5 watts-75 watts that meter doesn't change. I like to be in the 40watt range, even though I know it really doesn't need it. If I see one I want, I'll try and put it up more to see if it makes a difference. I have a signalink and I think the settings call for 50% volume, other than that, I haven't really made any changes to the setup.

Bryon, W7RIV

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