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Many signals I encounter aren't really  wide, but just look that way.
A simple test is to turn off AGC  and add about 18 db of attenuation to signal. If it's  still wide, then it's the OP's fault.
Jerry  n9avy

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Don't shoot your radio.  You need it.
I have stopped measuring the width of some of the PSK signals that I have seen by frequency.
I measure them in relation to the width of the Mississippi River.

There seem to be more every day.  I think that many of these stations run phone and forget about the ALC and power when they switch modes.
Just yesterday I was just getting ready to work a DX station (an IOTA that would have gotten me to 70) and I got bombed.  I waited for the tsunami to
subside but by then the DX either went QRT or the QSB got him. Lost another one.

Eventually I will get there but sometimes I feel like a salmon fighting to get to the stream.  Sometimes it's tough. I imagine salmon get frustrated too.
( all you in the Pacific NW would understand)

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It's not my radio Seniour, you must a a bad radio

Randy W4RTT

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Ok… I really try to be patient with people, but there seem to be a higher-than-usual number of wide signals on the band lately… especially 40 meters.  Just had my QSO wiped out by a Cuban station that was about 2 KHz wide – SERIOUSLY – 2 blasted KHz! 
This particular station is a frequent offender, but tonight he was extra special.  I’ve QSO’d with him before and told him he was awfully wide, and he’d fix it – to a certain extent – but the next CQ he’d be back to wiping out the waterfall.
Nothing to be done about it, but if I didn’t vent somewhere I might have shot my radio!

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