Re: Elmers for Elmers?

Ernest Mills <emills@...>

Hi Jay,
Not sure if you have had an answer on this as I have been up to my
eyeballs in rumble logs but just in case let me have a shot at answering :)
If you look at the Digipan.ini file in the WINDOWS directory (not the
digipan directory) you will find, listed under the heading TEXT, all the
Macros that will be used in the program.
What I normally do is make a copy of the digipan.ini file and rename it
if I leave it in the WINDOWS directory. As soon as you run digipan again it
will create a new Digipan.ini file and you can modify this to suit
(including the Macros). Then by renaming the copy you need to use, to
Digipan.ini, (make sure it is still in the WINDOWS directory, you will find
all OK :)
Hope this helps, Ernie

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Hi All,
Now that the Rumble is over, I find I have a problem with DigiPan. I
programmed my hot keys for the Rumble and saved them as Rumble.Mac and
my normal hot key configuration as Standard.Mac. Now every time I start
DigiPan, it comes up with the Rumble hot keys, instead of my normal ones.
even saved my normal keys as Default.Mac and it still auto loads the
keys. Has anyone else run into this problem? Or is it time to bite the
bullet and reload DigiPan from scratch. (I had my fill of Beta testing

Any help? ANY ONE?
de AA8QQ - Jay

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