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Morris WA4MIT

That reminds me of a similar incident while in the Navy I was working in a site and this receiver set was on and it had a monitor scope showing a channel and it was full of RTTY or something this dumb Lt. walks bye and says get that interference off of their. I quickly said yes sir and changed the scope channel to something cleaner. LOL if he only knew.

73 Morris WA4MIT 

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That's funny because I got my share of Russian, Chinese and Cuban propaganda during those days but it didn't prevent me from getting a top secret clearance to keep a close eye on them when I was stationed in Europe.  LOL.

We were always the first to get our radios set up when we were in the field and on one occasion I got bored and decided to tune the shortwave bands just to see what was up.  I soon came across the news in English from Radio Moscow.  I recognized the accent from years of listening.  An officer just happened to walk by and asked what was on the radio.  I answered that it was the news from Radio Moscow.  Convinced that I was just being a smartass ( I can't imagine why he would think that) he asked again and at that moment we heard the very familiar refrain. "And that was the news from Radio Moscow."  He then said "Get that #%@& off that radio.  "Yes sir."  True story.

I guess the Cold War continues.

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That’s a good story Jerry. 


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Pretty much the same here in my SWL days back in 60's & 70's.  If the mail didn't show up with QSLs I'd blame the mailman and be bummed out until next mail delivery.  Also used to get a ton of propaganda from Iron Curtain countries while would fill mail box.  One of the benefits of getting QSL cards from Communist countries is that it got one on the FBI  list .  Was at a get-together with a couple prominent SWLs/writers and one of them used Freedom of Information Act to get his FBI file; FBI had copies of everything he ever wrote to a Communist country ! 

Still have a nice collection of SWL QSLs kicking around here somewhere...
Jerry  N9AVY


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LOL.  Reminds me of when a buddy of mine in high school (another SWL) waited by the mail drop box, in the snow, for the mailman to sort through everything to get at our QSL cards before he even had a chance to deliver mail to anyone else in the neighborhood.  We were looking for anything with red and blue borders which usually signified something international.
Those were the days of SWL QSL's arriving from shortwave stations and all of us were in a perpetual "can you top this" contest.  Lots of fun for sure.

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I believe it was just stickers.

Randy W4RTT

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Mine made it to the mailbox too!

Paula K7PAX

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Very glad all the certificates seem to be finding their ways to their new homes.

Uh oh, Randy/W4RTT - are you expecting a certificate?  I don't see any entries in the contest scorer for you, at least not using David's little lookup tool.  You do have some stickers headed your way in the next little while, though!

Be good, y'all!


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Certificates were received today up in my soggy corner of the left coast.

Many thanks, Matt. 


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