Re: Holy certificates, Batman !

Jerry N9AVY

Matt :
I knew that green sheet was just a stiffener, but I had to try small joke.
Will be watching for stickers. 
No more email on phone...  AT&T wants me to drive 50 miles (one way) to store to get it fixed.  Email went out on it over weekend and can't get anything on email !  Not driving 50 in suburban (toll road) traffic !  Just ordered new phone ... was a lot less hassle. Besides,  it  was Iphone 3 !  Last of freebies from AT&T .


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That's good news, Jerry! Glad to hear you got them. Hopefully many more people will be getting theirs soon as well.

The green sheet is just a stiffer "sheet protector" that I stick in there to help the certificates survive their journey with the USPS.

The sticker mailing is underway as well, so those should start showing up in the next couple weeks as John is able to get them out the door.

Y'all please let me know as you receive your stuff! 


Matt King
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Wow  !  Thanks Matt  !   Got 7 certificates in mail today along with a sheet of green 8 1/2 x 11 stock which was blank.  Guess the blank one was for "doin' nuttin' ", hi  !
Nice day at Post Office ! 
Thanks  !!!
Jerry  N9AVY   #454

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