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Jim K5SP

The checker shows that you have only worked two,  Mary and Karen what other yl's are in your log ?

Date    	Time	Call	Band

	20160816	1923	KC4TIE	20M
	20160904	0215	W4KRN	80M

Jim, K5SP

On 10/16/2017 6:58 AM, Jim Innis jinnis@... [070] wrote:

If you have completed the requirements the checker should automatically pick up the endorsement for you.   As a reminder, the requirements for the 88 Triband are:

Work three different female 070 Club members on PSK31 (one each on any three different HF bands, 160M thru 6M) and earn this "88 Tri-Band" endorsement.

Note: The females must be club members. I will look and see what the checker has for you.

Jim K5SP

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88 Tri Band



Bill – K3ABE


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Which triband?  88 or QRP???






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Hello Everyone,


Bill – K3ABE here just wondering how does someone complete the tri bamd award, I have 20 and 80 meters, I have 15, 17 meters but it is not complete, so what do I need?



Bill – K3ABE

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