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Matthew King - AK4MK

I appreciate all the notes that I got about the certificates telling me to keep my chin up, basically.

Here's a picture of all the contest certificates in their envelopes waiting on me to take them to the post office tomorrow or Tuesday:

I apologize for the poor quality image, but it gets the point across. That stack of envelopes is just shy of *TWELVE INCHES* tall!

Just thought I'd share that before sending them all out.

Y'all be good!


Matt King
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PODXS 070 Club Executive Director

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Chin Up!  You perform a very valuable service to the PODXS Club so the least we can do is be patient.  I still get Eqsl's from 10 years ago. Hi Hi.

Enjoy receiving them so it will seem like Christmas morning when they arrive!


KA1PPV  #1482

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As they say , "stuff happens" !

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