Re: 17m PSK31



I qualify on 6 out of 6.
Is there an attaboy for that?

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Why run a KW ...  ???
 1)  a KW  compensates for a crummy antenna ... you'll be 599, but you probably can't copy the station at other end
 2)  You like higher electric bills
 3) You have the  Tim "The Toolman" syndrome in which you believe the MORE POWER is the answer to everything
 4)  You're an unskilled newbie who just came from 11 meters where you ran 10 KW in mobile and have brain damage
 5)   You enjoy watching the traps on your you antenna go up in flames
 6)   You like having neighbors curse you because you go though their Wi-Fi, TVs, toasters, electric blankets, thermostats, opening garage doors and so on
    Feel free to add to list ...
Jerry  N9AVY     :-)

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