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I'll echo what David said.�� The weak signal modes are not for ragchewing, but with how a lot of people use macro's psk31 (myself included) is becoming the same.

I love this club because the challenges are fun and the contest are creative.� I sure would like to see another contest get added to the rotation wherein no macros beyond and are allowed.� Sure would be a fun contest.

~Jonathan KC1BOS

On 10/11/17 12:18 PM, David Rock david@... [070] wrote:

* Charles Odom ki4vmk@... [070] <070@...> [2017-10-11 09:49]:
> With JT65, JT9 and FT8 the trend is to make a contact and log it. No
> one wants to have interaction or conversation.� Just sayin'

Have you ever tried to have a conversation over a JT mode? It's
practically impossible. There's also nothing "fast" about JT. When all
you can send every minute is a handful of characters, it doesn't lend
itself very well to ragchewing.

Don't rag on the modes; they have valid uses and work well for what they
are meant to do: terse communication in bad conditions. Not every mode
is meant to be used for ragchewing and should not be blasted because the
design of the mode doesn't lend itself to it. Use the right tool for
the job and don't expect a mode to be something it isn't. I can use a
screwdriver as a hammer, but it makes a much better screwdriver. I
can't be upset if it makes a crappy hammer; I chose to use it

This is a valid discussion for something like PSK-31 where conversation
as a ragchew *is* possible. Now you are talking about the operators
being the ones that are not interested in talking and just sending
macro, macro, SK. That's not the case with JT modes. They are not
designed as conversation modes, they are designed as contact modes that
can reliably send small bits of information. If that's not what you
want, then just don't use them.

David, K9DWR
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