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Randy True

I just got into the digi modes a couple years ago, and I settled on PSK31 and have loved it. I did notice that whenever I went up to 17 and called there was seldom anyone around. I have made just a hand full of contacts on 17.

I do work FT8 and have mad many contacts on 17. But I try to keep above .100 because it is "our" freq. I think it was mostly, "hey these guys aren't using it, so lets us use it"

As the old saying says, if you don't use it you will lose it.

Randy W4RTT

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Probably not, but "venting" feels good.     I am hesitant to join another group after cleaning out several groups people urged me to join.  There were days I'd wake up and have way too many emails to answer; so, I purged many email accounts that held little interest. Just don't want to start down that road again.
I'm hoping that once the FT8 people tire of the mode, they'll just go away.
Jerry  n9avy

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I too feel the frustration with FT-8 "taking over" what had been "our" segment of 17m.  But I doubt posting our concerns here will do much to change that.  May I suggest those of us who feel this is an inappropriate encroachment on the gentlemen's agreement join the WSJT Meteor Scatter and Weak Signal Group

and voice our complaints there?

The group's conversations make for interesting reading - particularly the current thread of Expanding the Watering Hole.  Have no doubt - they are coming soon to a frequency we all love and use.  Time to make our voice heard!

Rick - N7WE
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