Re: 17m PSK31

Richard Rohrer

Well fellows, this seems to be a problem on many bands now.  The FT8 group seems to have chosen frequencies without regard for other users and since it seems to be the hot thing now FT8 users are blanketing those areas.  The EU window for Hellschriber uses was 14074 and a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from one of the authors of the article in QST tell me that I should change frequencies since that is now the FT8 frequency.   A lot of other digital mode users have reported the same problem with FT8 users invading their normal frequencies.  From what I understand, originally the FT8 frequencies would be 2 khz higher that JT65, which would have not caused problems for most other users of the less common digital modes, but somewhere along the line that has changed.  The frequencies are included in the software so that’s where the gang has setup.  Since the article was published last month it will probably be worse before it gets better. 


I personally don’t use the mode, although I tried it when it first came out and basically decided that is more my computer talking to your computer rather than ham radio.  Any ways my thougths.






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So whose fault was it those FT8 stations are all on 18.000 ... thought I read somewhere that it was the designer ???

Jerry n9avy


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