Another go at 160m tonight

Rick - N7WE

I've hopefully made some improvements to the 160m antenna. I hung 19' of wire vertically off the non-matchbox end giving me an inverted L configuration - makes total length 72'.  Improved the SWR to the point where the internal tuner will now match it down to 1.1:1. Also stuck a 1:1 unun in the coax where it enters the shack to block common mode RF.  If I'm understanding things right, the feedline is the counterpoise on this kind of setup.  

I'll be CQing again at 0000 UTC - 1.807 +/- 1000.  Hopefully prop will be better and this configuration will hear better.  This is a very temporary setup and it will have to come down tomorrow morning.  HOA you know.  If it does OK tonight I'll string it back up next Saturday afternoon for the contest.  Would appreciate a call and a signal report if you see me tonight!


Rick - N7WE

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