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I will also be monitoring  160m ... 1.807...... around 00:00 zulu

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I’ll look for you around 0000 UTC.  You’re about 600 miles.  My 160 meter experience is anything under about 800 miles is usually workable just about any night.
Also, purists might argue with me but I am usually running 70 watts or so on 160.  I have an IMD meter and my signal is good at that power level.  Also, not going to overload many receivers on 1807 as there is usually no one home.  The  2 or 3 dB signal improvement helps on the noisy band.  22 states so far but no west coast yet.  Maybe that will happen in the Great Pumpkin Contest!
See you soon.
Bill N4GBK FM16 in NC
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Hello all - 
I hung a new wire this afternoon hoping to get on 160m.  53' endfed @ about 20 ft. oriented NE to SW. Not too hopeful, but it's all I can do at the moment.  I will be CQing on 1.807 +/- about 1000 at 0000 UTC tonight.  Would really appreciate a call if anyone sees me.  TU!
Rick - N7WE
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