It's the GREAT PUMPKIN (SPRINT) Charlie Brown!

Rick - N7WE

Are you ready for some PUMPKIN?  The 2017 ANNUAL GREAT PUMPKIN SPRINT starts Saturday October 14th!


This fun, fantastic 070 contest is PSK31 only on 160m only.  The contest window is 24 hours but YOU get to choose which 6 hour block works best for you and your time zone.  The contest period starts at 2000 UTC (4 PM EDT, 1 PM PDT) and runs until 2000 UTC on Sunday October 15th.  3 power categories, ATTA BOY sticker for all participants, top scores for each category from each time zone receives a certificate, and highest score gets Top Dawg certificate and a Rollo Dog Tag!  


If you don't have a 160m capable antenna, now it the time to rig something up.  Forget "I don't have enough room for a 160m antenna."  If it will load, it's a go!  And this is the best event of the year to work on the Top Band Endorsement.  Only 20 different stations required, yet only 37 member hold this endorsement!  Here's your chance to join that select group and chase the GREAT PUMPKIN all at the same time.


For complete details click HERE.  And be sure to check out last years results by clicking HERE.


Rick - N7WE

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