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stan W9SMR


Thanks for the SPOT!!

This snowbird is still in NE Indiana until mid-October. I have pretty much recuperated from KC9UR, Bob and my  Pontoon Portable APE and am ready to help out and to be helped out.

I will be looking for Paul from my Indiana QTH and after I return to FL, I will look for Barry, too. My generous XYL has agreed to alter family travel plans so that I can stay at home and concentrate on 366 for those 4 missing days from October 22 - 25. Help appreciated!!

Getting to this point involved not only operating from both "home" QTHs, but from a baggage cart in a Knoxville, TN motel parking lot, from a Condo balcony in Hilton Head, our daughters' patios in Cleveland and Dayton, OH, and Remote from Corbin, KY. There taking advantage of the generous loan of remote-able equipment by Gary, WB9AYD and the use of the Sarasota Power and Sail Squadron station. That is FL, IN, OH, TN, KY, and SC. Quite a variety of solutions to a vexing logistical problem.

The missing 4 days were a conscious decision on my part. I declined to distract in any way from celebrating my XYL's aunt Olga's 90th birthday bash in Baltimore, MD. Enough sacrifices had already been solicited.

As I often quip with KC9UR:
"Who has more fun than a Ham??" (WHMFTAH?)

If you are not having as much fun as I am, you are just not trying!!

Good DX, Fun Times and Good Health, 73

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In October the Finish Line will be in sight for 3 of our members.  

First up will be NU4C - Paul - of Ormond Beach FL.  His magic day is October 8.  He has just 3 days left to fill - October 6, 7, and 8. Paul has already completed Leap Day and 24/7, so getting his 366 will automatically qualify him for the Clock and Calendar Endorsement!

Second will be VA7GEM - Barry - (also known by several other calls - particularly Canadian 150 Anniversary Specials) of North Vancouver BC Canada.  His magic day will be October 18.  It is the only day he has left to fill.  Check out his other calls on QRZ.  A QSO with any of his calls will complete it for him.

Third, and the last member who can complete this October, is W9SMR - Stan - of Sarasota FL.  His magic day will be October 25th and he has 4 days left to fill - October 22,23,24, and 25.

For these 3 it has been a long, long road.  If you see them calling, give them a reply and help them achieve this difficult, yet rewarding, endorsement.  

Good luck to each of you.  May Old Sol and the Propagation Genies be kind to you!

Rick - N7WE

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