October 366 - Finish Line In Sight!

Rick - N7WE

In October the Finish Line will be in sight for 3 of our members.  

First up will be NU4C - Paul - of Ormond Beach FL.  His magic day is October 8.  He has just 3 days left to fill - October 6, 7, and 8. Paul has already completed Leap Day and 24/7, so getting his 366 will automatically qualify him for the Clock and Calendar Endorsement!

Second will be VA7GEM - Barry - (also known by several other calls - particularly Canadian 150 Anniversary Specials) of North Vancouver BC Canada.  His magic day will be October 18.  It is the only day he has left to fill.  Check out his other calls on QRZ.  A QSO with any of his calls will complete it for him.

Third, and the last member who can complete this October, is W9SMR - Stan - of Sarasota FL.  His magic day will be October 25th and he has 4 days left to fill - October 22,23,24, and 25.

For these 3 it has been a long, long road.  If you see them calling, give them a reply and help them achieve this difficult, yet rewarding, endorsement.  

Good luck to each of you.  May Old Sol and the Propagation Genies be kind to you!

Rick - N7WE

070 - #1602

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