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Jerry N9AVY

I know there is all kinds of DX on CW... that's why my DXCC is at 336 confirmed. After getting to around 280 on SSB, I went to CW .   When you're chasing DX, if you can't do CW then, you're just spinning your wheels.
However, I thought this was a PSK31 group and any discussion of DX on other modes seems irrelevant.  Since all endorsement are for PSK31 only ... at least that was my understanding when I joined PODXS.  Please correct my if I'm wrong.
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There are always dozens of them on cw.

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That's right, Rick - Croatia is one of last year's DX Special countries.

This year's DX Special countries are VK-Australia, ON-Belgium, and CE-Chile.

I'll have to check and see why last year's are still showing up in the scorer runs.


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Did I miss something?  I though Croatia was a 2016 DX endorsement and was closed.  I still need 15!

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