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Seems like that"s the old "six to one half dozen to the other." 

Thanks for the input guys. That will be one of my weekend tasks.


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Yes that is what I mean. It can also be done by exporting individual
ADIFs then importing them. I had forgotten HRD can do direct impot.
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> Steve
> I use HRD
> I have multiple logbooks plus one that is called MASTER
> With VB7150 open I export an ADI file of all entries.
> With CF7GEM open I export an ADI file of all entries.
> With MASTER open I import those files.
> With MASTER open I upload to the checker.

To clarify, you mean you create a new MASTER and then:

- Import VB7150 into MASTER
- Import CF7GEM into MASTER
- export MASTER (that should now have the contents of both logs).


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