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Jerry N9AVY

This is perhaps a good indication of the Fall/Winter season coming up, although signals were somewhat on the weak side and still are around 1600 UTC.  However , here in the Midwest it's good  to hear something other than U.S. stations.  2018 needs to be good  for DX  as there are still a couple DXCC   (like Bouvet Is.) I need to get in log.  Still need North Korea, but am afraid it may be a parking lot, by the time a ham station is on the air from that one.
Guess I'll have to take amp out of closet and hook it up for 2018 anyways,  just in case.
Jerry  N9AVY

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I wud say ur prob correct.
We just need to wait till 2019.
patience my friend

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Checking 20m around 1300 UTC  and hearing Europe ... HA, LZ, I. etc.  Maybe better days are ahead ???
Jerry   n9avy

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