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Jerry N9AVY

I'll just add an asterisk   (***) behind Steve's want list to make things easier  for you. 
Thanks !
Jerry  n9avy

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Dick -

I think I posted a very short list before, but here's my list of grids needed that are south of 40N (i.e., second letter is L or M):

DL88 (TX)   ***
DM17 (CA,NV) ***
DM19 (NV)  ***
DM23 (AZ,CA) **    *
DM28 (NV) ***
DM29 (NV)
DM38 (UT) ***
DM39 (UT) ***
DM46 (AZ) ***
DM47 (UT) ***
DM51 (,NM) ***
DM53 (AZ,NM) ***
DM56 (AZ,NM)
DM74 (NM) ***
DM85 (NM,TX) ***
DM86 NM,OK,TX) ***
DM90 (TX)
DM92 (TX)
DM96 (OK,TX)
EL07 (TX) ***
EL59 (LA) ***

There are more (CN, DN, EN) if you are going that far north.


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