Re: Activity

Steve W3HF

Dick -

I think I posted a very short list before, but here's my list of grids needed that are south of 40N (i.e., second letter is L or M):

DL88 (TX)
DM17 (CA,NV)
DM19 (NV)
DM23 (AZ,CA)
DM28 (NV)
DM29 (NV)
DM38 (UT)
DM39 (UT)
DM46 (AZ)
DM47 (UT)
DM51 (AZ,NM)
DM53 (AZ,NM)
DM56 (AZ,NM)
DM74 (NM)
DM85 (NM,TX)
DM86 (NM,OK,TX)  
DM90 (TX)
DM92 (TX)
DM96 (OK,TX)
EL07 (TX)
EL59 (LA)

There are more (CN, DN, EN) if you are going that far north.



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