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Richard Rohrer

I tried it when it first came out.  Did not like the speed, since I need time to think sometimes.  And it seemed to need several retries to get a complete QSO.  What other grids do you need Jerry?  Planing another trip to the West in Dec/Jan so if I know what grids are needed we can possibly hit some of those.  Going from FL thru NM to NV and then to CA.  Back thru AZ, NM and TX. 

Dick  KC3EF

On 9/18/2017 12:03, Jerry n9avy@... [070] wrote:
Have seen that , too.  Probably still part of "New Toy Syndrome" .  Have heard that FT-8 doesn't work as well as PSK through noise , but not running FT-8 here I can't verify that.
Jerry   n9avy

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Hi Jerry,

Its funny that there will be a lot of activity on FT8 when there is none on psk31.

Dick   KC3EF

On 9/18/2017 09:44, Jerry n9avy@... [070] wrote:

Never thought I'd see the day when there's more activity on 40m than 20m in the morning.   3 stations on 40m vs  1 station on 20m.   Sure hope conditions change  soon.
Jerry   N9AVY

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