Re: My 365 date for the 17th


Good to hear that all is well.  If you are heading for the radio then I guess you are feeling OK.

Good luck with your 365/6.  I would love to help out but the West Side has been very erratic over here in the East Quadrant.  Will keep looking though.
The prop is bound to change sooner or later.

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A good friend had both knees done and he said  to be up on them as much as possible and work thru the pain.
Jerry   N9AVY

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Yep, I made it down the stairs to the shack and back up again. Now I have several days before another one is due. Thank you all for looking for me! This knee seems less painful than the first one, but is much more swollen. Not needing too much pain medication now. We'll see what happens when I start physical therapy next week. That's never fun!

Paula K7PAX #1739


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Caught a bit of you working K4JOP...enought to see you have 9/17 in the log!  Good on ya!

Rick - N7WE
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