Re: Worked all States

Jerry N9AVY

Thanks for clarification !  LoTW PSK31
Now  you need  to try for 100  Italian ZIP codes on PSK31 , ha-ha ! (yes I have that certificate !)  Worked so many Italian station over the years, found out about certif/award from a friend and went through QSLs and found I had 100  ZIP codes !  It was free so I had nothing to lose   !
Jerry  N9AVY

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LOTW, PSK31 on various bands.
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Confusing... which WAS was it ?  LoTW, CQ, or what ?
I've got WAS on LoTW on various bands on PSK, SSB & CW, but never spent the money to send for them because my main interest has always be DXCC.
Jerry  N9AVY

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...which one?

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