Re: KC3EF Back in FL

Rick - N7WE

Dick -  Glad you are back and dodged the bullet.  We were very fortunate too.  Eye came right over us about 2:30 AM Monday.  Our house survived with no damage!  Only tree limbs and shrubs to cut and clean up.  My antenna was down and inside.  Back up now and on the air.

Many were not as blessed as we were.  Trees on roofs, windows blown out, flooding.  Lots of blue tarps showing.  As of this morning there were still 23,000+ in Lake County without power.  That means no AC and the heat index is over 100.  We only lost power for about 25 hours thanks to all underground utilities in our development.  But that was long enough! Got to consider a whole-house generator real soon - hi hi!

Any prayers for Florida and the thousands who are suffering mightly will be greatly appreciated!

Rick - N7WE
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