Review of the 10-Meter Spring/Summer Es Season


Hi all,

I hope everyone is safe and dry. We have had a couple of mother monsoons here this last week.

I have posted a recap of 10-Meter PropNET results this year's Spring/Summer Es season.

Titled, " 10-Meter Sporadic Es Have Returned".

Link on PropNET Studies:

Also, on my personal Blog:

It was a very good year on 10-Meters, despite a low turn out of PropNET participants here west of the Mississippi.

Please read, enjoy and comment.
Many of you that played on 10 Meter PSK31 showed up throughout the season on PropNET's Realtime Maps and in the capture database that I used for this analysis.
Please note what happened this year compared to the past 9 years. I think you will see great opportunities in the future years for 10-Meter Es.

73 Art KA5DWI/7 Dewey AZ 070 #2518

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