(OT) Sharing Com Ports with Virtual Serial Ports Emulator (VPSE) or other application

Mike Besemer <mwbesemer@...>

Hello all… hope those in the path of Irma are safe. 

I've already posted this to the MixW group, but thought it might be worth
posting here.

I’m running the latest version of MixW and would like to continue to use
ACLog for logging. 

I have set up VPSE, but with both applications running, I get an error from
MixW stating ‘The parameter is incorrect’.

I have ACLog running on Com 1 and MixW running on Com 2.  Currently, I am
running VSPE as a splitter, with Com 4 (the radio) split to Com 1 and Com 1
split to Com 2.  Settings are:

Port Speed: 9600
DTR/RTS: No (have also tried Yes)
Parity: No
Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Read Interval Timout: -1

I’ve seen in that others have used VPSE successfully to share the Com Port. 
If anyone would care to share, I’d be very grateful.

PODXS #348

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