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Stephen Melachrinos

Dick -

Thanks. I'll try to be on just before 0900 CDT / 1000 EDT / 1400z looking for you. I presume your usual 20m, around 14072.

And let me echo the warning from Rick N7WE. We have family near Melbourne, Gainesville, and The Villages, and even Tuesday or Wednesday might be too early. The storm might be past, but there might not be enough services (fuel, food, etc) to support people coming back. Stay safe.


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I am currently in Amarillo, TX.  Worked several stations on our trip thru New Mexico, but did not hear any of the members that were looking for the grids.  Propagation seemed to be going North/South and not much further East than MO. 
We are not returning to FL until Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on condition in North Florida.  Our thoughts and prayers are for all people in FL, especially our fellow 070 members.
PS to W3HF were are currently in the grid you need.  Will be on the air tomorrow morning around 9:00 am CDT.
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