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Funny that you mention that. I just opened a problem ticket with HRD about DM780 freezing. Turned out it was my computer, not DM780. I was using explorer for my PSK tracker but had recently changed to Mozilla, and it is a resource hog! 

My computer has 4 GB ram and just that little bit was enough to cause DM780 to freeze, couldn't do call search and waterfall was jumpy. So check your running devices and programs. It fixed my issue by using chrome, and making sure all the extra background programs were off. Could be unless you have something else going on. 


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I also use HRD {paid subscription} and I have experienced freeze up many times and still do. I contacted HRD about the problem and they told me it was the Signalink and to run without it. I use a IC 7200 which has a built in sound card, I followed their advice and still had the freeze ups. I put the Signalink back in because i feel that it does a better job of buffering of the incoming audio than the factory sound card. I do run the the transmit directly to the radio.  I spoke with them again and they told me it was my computer {not enuf ram and processor too slow} so I replaced the computer but still have freeze up. I never know when it will happen. Sometimes the HRD program will recover after a few seconds and other times I have shut down the program and restart it. I am not computer savvy so I just have learned to live with it. I am running their latest version and up date every few months. Overall i like the software but it can be aggravating with the freeze ups.


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Hi Folks,
First, Full Disclosure:   I sometimes volunteer my efforts as part of the HRD Beta Test Team, and I’m just reporting facts, I’m not trying to defend the product or sell it.
The various ‘last free versions’ of HRD that are out there eventually age as the Windows operating system is updated.  HRD is reasonably closely integrated with Windows and uses a lot of system calls and services.   As Windows is updated, these services and calls sometimes change.
A few months ago, we tested a number of Beta releases developed to correct some memory leaks in the software that were causing lockups.  These problems were found and corrected. 
I’ve been running the current production version, v6.4.0.780, for a while now with no performance issues.
I’ve been an HRD user since the early days with Simon, and an HRD customer since they’ve been a commercial concern – through some rough sledding and now into much better times.   HRD runs the station here at K6MKF.
Capitalism in action.  Your mileage may vary. 
- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, Past President - NCDXC
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Hello All,

I’ve been using HRD for years now and I’m happy with the features. I’m running version which I believe is the last free version on Windows 8.1.

The problem is that lately it has been prone to freezing after running a while. Since I usually leave my radio on for PSK Reporter captures, this is becoming a problem.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

I went on vacation last month to see the eclipse in Wyoming and I ran Fldidgi and it ran error free for three weeks. I’m lucky if HRD_DM780 will run for three days.

Flidgi is a non-starter for me for operating because the center frequency command will not set to [freq] + 1500 Hz which is where my K3’s filters are centered. It is stuck on [freq] + 1000 Hz - no bueno.

I’m thinking of biting the bullet and paying for the new version of HRD+DM780, but I’m wondering if anybody else is experiencing freezes with the latest version.


73 de Eric, KG6MZS

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