Re: CME Blues

Jerry N9AVY

Used to work aurora a bit on 10m and would  point beam Northward.  SSB signals  came through as I would describe as "underwater", but the voice quality was that of those robots on Battlestar Galactica.   There were predictions of aurora activity this week.
But who knows with all the hurricanes, forest fires and earthquakes going on ... things are getting weird ?
Jerry  N9AVY

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Not sure. I saw something similar to Mike, I think on both 20 and 40. Multiple signals that all seemed strong enough but no consistent decodes. I was thinking some sort of phase distortion--could have been multipath, and I think aurora does that. But it seemed to last for a few hours.

I'm just glad that I wasn't the only one seeing it--that probably means that my station isn't broken.


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