Re: CME Blues

Jim K5SP

Last night I had 0 (zero) signals on 30, 40, or 80. Nothing but noise at this QTH. Called CQ many times, not a single response.

I had 2-3 signals on 20, and like Mike for some reason no decode, or not enough to make a QSO.  I did struggle with one station and got him in the log. 

Today, even though I saw a station calling CQ, he apparently did not hear me.  And now, waterfall is empty.

Jim, K5SP #483

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Aurora, maybe  ?
On SSB it always sounds like signals are underwater.
Jerry N9AVY

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I was on last night trying out some software changes I'd made and I could see strong signal on my waterfall, but the copy was very, very bad.  And I mean they were STRONG signals. 

Odd times.



On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 10:04 AM, Jerry n9avy@... [070] wrote:

Turned on rig this morning and heard zilch...  no not rare Z1LCH... just zero signal across the bands.   It's been years since I've so much nothingness.  Usually hear one lone signal, but there's no one.  Put out a CQ on 20m and nada.
All those sunspots & CME's have taken their toll on the bands.  Maybe the weekend will produce some signals. Or maybe we can blame this on those hurricanes! ?  Hopefully bands will improve by October....
Jerry  N9AVY

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